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Hello! My name is Amanda.

(Said the name tag)


Amanda was the single most common female name in the US the year I was born. I imagine this has shaped me more than I care to admit.


I grew up in Cincinnati, in the typical way that Cincinnati kids do: loyal Bengals/Reds fan, lover of Skyline Chili, full of Midwestern heart, hater of all things Pittsburgh, etc. etc. My formative years were spent as a competitive gymnast. On the dawn of my intelligence, I awoke with the distinct knowledge that going backwards on a 4 inch balance beam was no longer a sound practice. Goodbye to all that.


In the years to come I became a swimmer, one meter springboard diver, casual cross country runner, and lastly, tennis player. It wasn’t until college that I began to fall in love with the simplicity that is running. While at Ohio State, I ran my first half marathon, and the rest is history. While on a long run, I had another moment of clarity with regards to career choice — I was going to be a physician.


Cue early morning runs in Central Park, while studying in every coffee shop known to man in both Manhattan and Brooklyn (Queens I love ya, but you understand). Medical school was a whirlwind of books and river runs, races and examinations, good meals and even better friendships. Four years later and a fateful interview in Pittsburgh that included (whoops) one tattoo, I’m a training medical resident in Pittsburgh. I couldn’t decide what kind of physician to be, so I decided to become both a pediatrician and psychiatrist (triple boarders for the win!) I love talking medicine and running and how the heck to do both at once, so holler at me. (Holler at me is something doctors probably shouldn’t say. But to thine own self be true, AM I RIGHT?)


“God knows what’s up. She’s with The Resistance for sure”